1.     Man can be trusted with Spiritual Understanding.

 2.     Man is spiritual in nature and temporarily inhabits physical bodies.

 3.     Individuals learn two things in life, what is wanted and what is not, often experiencing what is not wanted multiple times, before being sure. Compassion is the appropriate response.

 4.     All great religions arose upon spiritual principles. These principles are re-discoverable.

 5.     These principles are simple rather than complicated, but not necessarily easy to apply.

 6.     Each person has spiritual strengths and abilities, at least in latent form.

 7.     These can be identified, enhanced, and put to practical daily use.

 8.     "Know Thyself" means that spirituality is firstly an internal process, that of thought, knowing, and feeling, and only secondarily an external or behavioral process.

 9.     The intention to accept the responsibility for the content of each and every thought is a good beginning.

 10.    More important than what you choose, is the understanding of the Spiritual Principles behind what you choose.