The Foundational Energy of the Entire Universe.

        We think of it as a Feeling only because our bodies respond favorably to its presence and its movement,and it feels good to move energy around in a loving manner.


         Infinite Awareness is a Foundation of Every Creation. 

        Individuation produces a new quality or sub-quality of awareness, awareness of 'self' and of 'other'. This awareness of 'self' and of 'other' is a Power, a component of individual creativity.


         This is also a Foundation of Every Creation.

        Magnetization, also a component of individual creativity, is another name for the Law of Attraction, and is a Power which may draw energy toward itself or radiate it away.


         From Awareness and Magnetization, from these Abilities, these Powers, come all Creativity of our Spirits and of our physical.


         A component of the Universe, energy, occurs in either materialized or un-materialized form. All that we may perceive, or be aware of, or may become aware of, is an expression of energy, and is in a constant state of vibration, whether it be a stone or an angel.

        Energy is synonymous with love, the basic building block of the universe. When we resist the flow of energy, or love, we experience discomfort, a lower vibration. When we are without resistance to the energy flowing around and through us, we experience joy and peace, a higher vibration.


        All Energy has its foundation in One Source. That Source is Intelligent Energy. Within all energy is an Intelligence that is infinite and eternal. This Infinite Intelligence, which we sometimes refer to as God, or simply Love,is the source of all creative expression and is the essential power in the Universe.

        We, as individuals, view our Infinite Intelligence through lenses of quite variable awarenesses, which matches precisely the variable ways we individually experience life. When we perceive God as an unconditionally loving and supportive energy at all times and under all circumstances, we experience our world and everyone in it as totally safe, loving and generous.


       Cause and Effect operates as a Law. It is also known as Karma. We have planned and caused the circumstances in our lives, purposefully.

        At one level cause is put into motion by our Infinite Intelligence, our 'Knowing". We create at this level when we are in a state of peacefulness, trusting our Infinite Intelligence to guide and support us.

        At another level, cause is set into motion by our thinking minds, our computer brains, most often fear based. What we 'believe' creates our experiences.

        If the effect 'feels' pleasant, we call it 'good' karma.


        Our Oneness, our Source, or if you prefer, God, is perfect and expresses this perfection in infinite ways. In our human-ness, we are created, and we function, perfectly, just the way we are.

        When we measure Perfection, we often confuse being Perfect with doing perfectly. 

        We have a perfect internal mechanism that tells us when we are 'off the track', and we have perfect internal guidance available to nudge us 'back on track'.

        When someone or something appears to be less than perfect, we know that we have chosen to feel disconnected from our Oneness. We feel connected when our hearts are open. When our hearts are wide open, we see and feel the perfection of everything.


         Our Infinite Intelligence communicates to us through our Intuition, which we access through our Feelings. The more willing we are to allow our Feelings, the more able we are to connect with the Power that resides in them.

        The true Power in the Universe is a totally peaceful power. It is the power of love, fully, freely and joyfully felt.

 10.    THOUGHT

         There are two pathways for thought.

        Higher mind, or Infinite Intelligence, operates through the brain but not from the brain, and is often called Intuition.

        Lower mind, synonymous with brain, is like a computer read-out, and depends on the manner in which the computer was programmed.

        Thoughts build! Thoughts build most often through repetition! They produce wonderful FEELINGS, or fearful EMOTIONS! Enough repetition will produce an Attitude. More yet will produce a Belief System.

 11.    FREE WILL

         We each have the freedom to choose at each moment, sometimes seemingly more freedom than at others. We can choose only for ourselves.

        If it seems as though there is no choice, remember, you do, always, choose your Thought Response to whatever you experience.

        If you don't like the Feelings, or the Attitudes, or the Belief Systems you have, the greatest success will come from changing the Thoughts that generated them, before all else.


          We each have a 'blueprint' for our part of the Overall Plan, that we have participated in, and are participating in, and all of Infinite Intelligence wants each of us to succeed. Every person and circumstance in our lives is there to support us by reflecting back to us the present state of our consciousness.

        Every person we attract into our lives is showing us some aspect of who we are. Every feeling expressed by another mirrors a feeling deep within us.

        This reflection is a gift, for it allows us to be aware of the beliefs we hold. It can then become a tool, if we choose, to reclaim the power we have given to our beliefs.

                                                                                     HOLD EACH AND ALL IN THE NOW


        One may Create only by bringing that which is to be created to the NOW moment.