"I AM a JOURNEY to ONENESS with my Source, my God, Universal Consciousness, etc."

This JOURNEY is my FIRST priority, and my primary method is to monitor my RESPONSE to 

whatever is before me at the moment, and to raise the vibration and energy of that

response into the highest and best it can be.

My SECOND priority is to monitor my PHYSICAL body, along with its mental and

emotional components, for signals about where might lie blockages or resistances 

to smoothly flowing energies, and to explore which thoughts, attitudes, emotions, 

and belief systems may be contributing to a given dysfunction, and then to change the 

thought(s) that lay behind it.


"And along that JOURNEY it is my intention to take as many with me as are mine to

take, as far along that path as they are willing and able to go."

This is my THIRD priority, which I view as my ministry.


"It is my intention to further master the willingness for inspired facilitation.

It is my intention to be the best spirituality coach and example I can be.

It is my intention to raise the level of understanding one concept at a time."