Y-OUR Spirituality Center provides facilitation and instruction to individuals and small groups in their search to know spiritual principles, and to assist them in the integration of the awareness of those principles into the flow of their experiencing.

All in the physical realm and all in the realm of Spirit manifest a unique and distinct rate and configuration of vibration, a vibratory signiture.

The scientific community has discovered the reality of this in the physical world, and continues to grow in understanding and appreciation of this.

There is another level of understanding of energies that are above the physical, and a great many have experienced some aspects of these.

An example might be Intuition.

Another might be the awareness of one or more of the energy centers called Chakras, corresponding to various parts of the physical, yet not physical.

While the focus in the physical is on the things of the physical, such as moving things around, controlling them, or increasing them or decreasing them. In short, its focus is DOING and MAKING THINGS.

The focus in the Spiritual is about developing Awareness, understanding processes, and allowing manifestation, rather than doing it. In short, its focus is BEING and CREATING.

Every teacher or facilitator of spirituality throughout recorded history has had a unique style and delivery of spiritual content, and not all have emphasized the same content, but where they overlap there seems to be agreement. Indeed, the areas of controversy have been in the areas of behavior, about how to apply spiritual content to physical life.

It would be good, it seems, that at this beginning point, I outline my foundation thoughts that guide what I give as my example, so that you, the reader of this material, may see how I guide my own steps forward. Go to    Rev. Fred's Journey.

Y-our Spirituality Center has designated to that portion of the corporation called Raise the Level of the Pond, the functions of publisher and distributor of spiritual content through various media.

To listen to, or to read, THE WISDOM OF DR. CARLOS BLAIR, a series of Spiritual Teaching Audios given through a deep trance channel, at the 'Raise the level of the pond' site, click HERE


We are dedicated to increasing the awareness and understanding of spiritual principles.

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